Old White Dude Says Non-PC Things About Latinos & Hispanics, People Freak Out


So Tom Brokaw went on air and said a bunch of stuff about Latinos and Hispanics that now has many people muy enojado! And like every other white person that dares to talk about race relations and say non-pc things, he had to publicly apologize and now has probably gotten his career ruined. He posted the apology on Twitter, which is ironic because Twitter seems to be the place where people say the least apologetic things.

Brokaw made the comments during a discussion on the border wall during the NBC show Meet The Press” (an actually appropriate time to discuss Latinos and Hispanics, he didn’t just say them randomly on a nightly news broadcast). Brokaw basically said that he has heard people express the opinion that they don’t know whether they “want brown grandbabies”, that “the Hispanics” need to work harder at assimilating, speaking English and learning to be comfortable in other communities, and of “the intermarriage that is going on and the cultures that are conflicting with each other”.

So yeah, non-PC but I think you and I have seen a few Hispanics and Latinos that don’t speak English (who send their kids to school who also don’t speak English), and that live in their own communities. And we know that cultures do clash and God forbid there are people who want grandchildren that look like them.  While the brown baby comment is obviously what got people the most angry, it was Brokaw quoting what OTHER people have said. But let’s kill the messenger. Numerous angry people and entities (including obviously the writers of this article) say that Brokaw’s comments don’t fit the facts and that what he said is offensive. U.S. Rep Joaquin Castro, a group called Latino Victory and even GEORGE P. BUSH (who referred to himself as a “little brown one”), and the Coalition for Immigrant Rights all joined in to gang up on Brokaw and call out his comments and even say that they were “white supremacist”. Poor Brokaw. He didn’t just put his foot in his mouth he kicked himself in the teeth with these comments.

While the article mentions reports from Pew research and social science academics that apparently counteract what Brokaw said, it snuck in a little paragraph that reads: “While the number of Hispanics who speak Spanish at home is at an all-time high due to immigration trends of recent decades….” Wait, I thought that Hispanics and Latinos were assimilating like the article is saying? This is confusing and typical of the liberal media. It also mentions a study that claims that Hispanics are more patriotic than whites. Really? Hmm. I wonder why then you always see them being so proud of their heritage and speaking Spanish at home and entering the country they supposedly love and respect so much ILLEGALLY, a little tidbit that the article fails to mention.

But in today’s PC world that is policed by liberals, we can’t expect people to talk about all sides of the story and we must always get angry when old white men share their opinions, that really aren’t all that offensive or inaccurate to begin with.


Illustration by Brandon Weiner .

Link to Original Article here.

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