Obama Judges are Real


Beware my friends…of the dreaded OBAMA JUDGES! Along with the 9th circuit (which sounds like something out of the Indy 500), which are the latest sources of condemnation by Trump.

John Roberts “contended” that there was no such thing as “Obama judges or Bush Judges or Clinton Judges.” But were there Jimmy Carter judges? Or Gerald Ford judges? Or wait for it….TRUMP judges? THE TRUTH IS WAITING TO COME OUT!!!

Whoever wrote this article must have done so while sniffing glue, as it clearly states that “US District Judge Jon S. Tigar, who was NOMINATED BY PRESIDENT OBAMA IN 2012 TO THE US DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA (wait, wait, wait, I thought there WERE no such things as Obama judges? As in judges that were appointed BY OBAMA when OBAMA WAS STILL IN OFFICE!) Issued a temporary restraining order against Trump’s plan to refuse asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally if they do not arrive at a port of entry”.
Wait, a restraining order? They have those for bills and politicians? Oh my gosh if so can we all get some? Would that prevent incompetent assholes and ludicrous bills from entering office and passing? Where can I get one of these?

Trump took to twitter again (has the man ever heard of Facebook or Tumblr or Instagram or any other kind of social media to vent his frustration?) to criticize the 9th circuit (does anyone know where or who runs this 9th circuit? What the hell is it?) in regards to the border and safety as he calls it, as well as the migrant caravan. He stated that the 9th circuit was a “disgrace” and that his administration would win an appeal in the case at the supreme court, (where TRUMP JUDGE oh, wait sorry, there are not judges based on presidents, Brett Kavanaugh, resides).

Trump also stated that “we need protection and security” and that “ there are a lot of CRIMINALS in the caravan.” Wait, we need protection and security? Screw that! OPEN UP ALL THE BORDERS AND LET THE CARAVAN IN!! I am CERTAIN. There are no criminals whatsoever in the caravan. I am sure they are all upstanding, wonderful flower children just casually, illegally entering the United States insisting they be treated as citizens.

Illustration by Kei Tran.

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