Confusion, idiocy, immaturity, on North Korea Denuclearization-what else is new?


Well, North Korea is pissed and acting out like at toddler that hasn’t had its daily kimchi (when aren’t they?) because they gots more sanctions tacked onto their communist ass.

Three top ranking North Korean officials (whose names we can’t pronounce) who also happen to be accused of human rights violations (are we shocked?) are the said sanctionees this time.

Basically, North Korea’s deal is that if the sanctions stop then they’ll be a good little boy and stop their nuclear program or de-nuclearize or however you say it. But since the sanctions are continuing then they’re continuing. Am I the only one who is concerned about the continued nuclearization and DE-nuclearization process and how it actually affects the NUKES THEMSELVES? If this ridiculous ping-pong game continues something is likely to get blown up.

This article calls North Korea a “rogue nation” (and they’re clearly idiots) yet fails to recognize the rogue-ness and idiocy of the US state department and Donald Trump which have reportedly ordered the sanctions despite a diplomatic and historic meeting with Kim Jong Un where apparent progress was made. So we’re not really sure, and neither is this article, who is aggravating who and keeping this bs up. No one seems to want to budge, but given both countries’ huge egos it will be pretty hard. We all know that North Korea can’t play well with others, but these sanctions don’t seem to be doing jack except pissing North Korea off more and more. But does anyone really know what any of these sanctions are and what they do? Are they just like annoying library fines or do they threaten to prevent Kim Jong Un from getting his daily bibimbap and getting fatter while he starves his citizens?

But North Korea did apparently give “credit” to Trump for his attempts to improve relations, so at least that is something. They also “urged the US to improve relations on a ‘step by step approach of resolving what is feasible one by one, by giving priority to confidence building.” Wow, what a well thought out, articulate statement that actually required competence to make! (Or it could just be that they had a good translator that made North Korea’s blabber sound coherent).

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